About Us


We undertake subcontracted activities in the areas of channel management, reservation management, advertising and promotion management for various touristic activities like specific rentals, ie boutique hotels, villas, yachts, sailing boats, charters, rentals, etc Already keen on relevant software programs’ development,  employs the professional resources needed to offer on line services including remote customer management in a differentiated way that assures professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness.

We offer guaranteed results at unique rates based on revenue increase and profit optimization.

I.C.B. Operations Ltd offers a new innovative and competitive service to the market, aiming to increase the added value of Tourist Management, leading to the maximization of the business results of its clients. Hopes to change the current perceptions of externalsubcontractors from a typical operational process to a growing dynamic process aiming to develop the strategic competencies of continuous improvement withclear and sizable business benefits. For that reason employs high standing,senior executives from an international pool, who combine excellent scientific backgrounds, tourist market knowledge and business experience in various tourist business sectors from Channels to Agents and from Accommodation to events management

I.C.B. Operations Ltd enforces, promotes and guarantees the Principles of Independence, Integrity and Absolute Confidentiality for all its partners as analyzed in its Code of Conduct. Confidentiality, independence and dedication are particularly important assets of our operation since our client base could consider theoretically all other clients as competitors. That is certainly protected and all information private and privileged is totally secured in our systems and guaranteed by our personnel.